Father’s Day

This year we didn’t do what seems to be the “normal” Father’s Day routine of showering Dad with cards and neckties, followed by dinner at a favorite restaurant. Instead, we took our time pulling ourselves together in the morning, and spent the afternoon at National Harbor. It’s one of those places we like a whole bunch when we’re there, and forget about a couple weeks later. Then when we get around to going back, it feels almost new again! We’ve got a great system going here.

If you look really close, you’ll see my funny hubby playing peek-a-boo behind this sculpture. You can’t see it in this shot, but to the right of this just a few feet is the Potomac River.

Jacob has such a sweet, sincere smile, and had a great time leading the way most of the afternoon.
Hannah asked me to take this picture of her. She’s always posing…turned out pretty.
Out of a half dozen shots, this is her best smile. She was far more interested in the ferries going back and forth.
I hope everyone else (who celebrated) had as nice a Father’s Day as we did. Dads, especially great ones (like my babies have), deserve all the support and extra love we can dish out. Thank you John, for loving our kiddos like no one else could!

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