Surgery Day

A 0430 wake up, very diluted juice, and a VERY awake boy went with his dad to Walter Reed.  They made great time getting there way ahead of Jacob’s 0800 check-in time.  Jacob cheerfully watched cartoons and chatted up John, finally changing into his special “hospital jammies”.  By 1100, one of the doctors came out to see John and told him that they were finishing up the first eye and moving on to the next.  By 1420 he was out of surgery and cranky from the anesthesia, but Drs. Birdsong and Safi said his eyes came out “great”!  Our little guy rested through the evening, sat up to eat with his eyes closed, and slept through the night.  At his check-up this morning, he was able to sit through the exam with eyes pretty wide open and minimal discomfort.  As far as the strabismus surgery went, we are all counting it a success and will be closely monitoring him for any developments throughout the next 6 weeks.  Hopefully, aside from the straighter alignment and lessened nystagmus, he will develop some depth perception and better peripheral vision. 

Sleepy guy
IV wrap and hospital tag

His future’s so bright… 😉
 Day following surgery-not too shabby.


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