Winds of change…

Well maybe not winds of change, but there’s a breeze for sure.  Our dear little Abigael Grace is a week from being a whole five years old!  Jacob, my lively and exciting boy, is hot on her heels, turning six just ten days after his sister’s birthday.  They will be treated to a birthday lunch at Benihana, as well as Chuck E Cheese adventures courtesy of a doting Grammy and Hattie.  Spoiled??  Eh, maybe a little. 😉

We are one month into 2011, and slowly getting back into a routine of sorts.  We take our time with breakfast and pulling ourselves together in the mornings, spend a few hours with schoolwork of some sort, break for lunch, and then finish up any work left undone.  The kiddos get  break, I get some time to clean up around our room, and then we are off to pick up our cousin Jack from school.  It sure is a treat having him over in the afternoons for a few hours, my kidlets enjoy his company.  

Feeling the need to reminisce, I poked around for some pictures of those two growing-like-weed little people I mentioned above.  Birthday pics to come in a week or so!

A few Jacob memories:

Some Abby memories:


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