Almost Summer!

June has begun, and with June comes a couple birthdays, memories of family that has passed on, and gardens in bloom…
Hannah turned “8” two days ago!  She was excited to learn that this birthday was her golden birthday, and declared that the day was one of her best ever.  She will receive her final gift of a trail ride on horseback, on Saturday.  Alas, I will not be going, and I hope against hope that many pictures will be taken! 
                        Hannah Cam 1 064(photo by Hannah)
Next would come my father’s birthday on the 13th.  He would have been “50” today, which is hard to envision. He was definitely young-at-heart, and I imagine would have remained so despite the years trying to convince him otherwise.  I am taking the kidlets today to go and see where he was laid all those years ago, and they are planning to bring handfuls of the wild roses we have growing around the yard.

Next comes Uncle Tom’s birthday!!!!  I don’t know if he reads this oft-neglected blog at all, but just the same, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 
We have a few flowers planted by the front steps, just for a bit of color, and they are filling out nicely with our warmer days.  Yellow onions, garlic, peas and strawberries are in various stages of growth, and the dining room windowsill holds the kids’ tiny sprouting flowers as well as some garlic chives, oregano and basil.  Which reminds me, I wanted to pick up some pine nuts so I can make some fresh pesto-YUM!
Hannah Cam 1 070 (photo by Hannah)
John, my courageous husband, loyal provider and fierce protector, has been away at his new job for ten days now.    

     258735_2123642011334_1254372095_32605467_6126813_o       258938_2123599930282_1254372095_32605449_4794122_o

At times, the days seem to go by too quickly, while other days drag on.  It has been my prayer that his days will speed by in bursts of productivity and that he will spend his down time growing new friendships on the island.  He is currently taking two of his final three courses required for his BA in Criminal Justice, with the third beginning next month.  What a course load!  With few free hours each day, he is determined to get done what is necessary in the long run as soon as possible.  Back home, we are steadily making plans to have all sorts of adventures that will fill every moment with great memories.  Beware his off-months, as FB and Photobucket will be overloaded with pictures! 
That’s it for now.  I hope the weekend is a safe and happy one for all! 


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