2013 5K / 10K For Life

Hey folks!  Long time no blog! 🙂

Where have I been?  Here and there I guess, but mostly here, just living the day-to-day greatness that is my family.  Facebook is simultaneously boring me to death and sucking the time from my day.  In an effort to connect while organizing my time a little better, I’m going to get a little more regular here on Reinhardt Ramblings, and a little less so everywhere else.  Go ahead, laugh if you must, I’ll wait…

Good?  Alright.  Today’s ramblings will consist of sharing with you all an event coming up next month here in the Valley.  I have coerced my sweet darlings into walking/jogging a 5K with me to benefit the HeartReach Center.  Below is a little cut-and-paste job I pulled from my fundraising page, so you can learn a little about the noble cause, and links to the center’s website along with my family’s fundraising page.  Check ’em out, donate if you feel led to do so, or just pray for those who volunteer selflessly at the center.  Most of all, pray for those who reach out for help at HeartReach.  Sometimes we are bravest in our greatest time of need.

Reinhardt Crew’s FundEasy Page

HeartReach Center

Wasilla, AK

We have two arms of ministry.
One is for women seeking guidance in unplanned pregnancies, helping them to see options for themselves and for the growing child within. We are here to offer hopeand help–we listen with compassion, share truth without judgement, andencourage each woman that they need not walk this journey alone. 
The other arm of ministry is called Embracing Parenthood. We are a resource center providing families with tools to help in prenatal care and child rearing. We walk along side those who seek information on how to raise their children and create a healthy family environment. More than 250 classes are available to be received one-on-one with a caring mentor from our team of dedicated trained counselors. We have recently added men’s mentors to help fathers in the challenging role they face.

 There is never any fee to those seeking the services we offer–all services are provided free of charge.

Contact: Patti Price
Email: patti.price@heartreachalaska.com
Phone: (907) 373-3456

924 Leatherleaf Loop
Wasilla, AK 99654

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