For the past couple of years – since first learning of NaNoWriMo through another homeschooling mom – I have been meaning to get around to walking my students through writing their own novel in a month. If I recall correctly, NaNoWriMo goes through the month of November. I really do hope I get us on board with it this coming Fall.
This morning, I learned that April is NaPoWriMo! How cool is that? The little bug of creativity which sits patiently inside is jumping up and down begging for a little exercise. Something I’ve learned about the little creative bug is that she at once longs to learn and grow and stretch her legs, and simultaneously shrinks at each thought of criticism – or worse! – haughty-eyed condescension. This month, nay, this year, will be the year that I allow myself creative freedom, bravely stepping into the wide open spaces of my environment with confidence! Will there be whispers of disapproval? Probably. Will there be rolling of eyes? I don’t doubt it. Will I allow others to dampen my excitement? Nope! So here it is, the second day of April, my first poem of NaPoWriMo! This week will be all in haikus, so hold on to your caps! **Side note – Constructive criticism of all poetry encouraged. I like learning and improving!**

My Alaskan Chai
Warming me inside and out
Spices tingle tongues



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