This morning, I shall rant, then I will get on with my day.

My response to this ridiculous FB post follows:


Cigarettes slowly suck the life out of their users and those who are habitually smoked around. A child who holds their smoking parent’s hand has to eat with those ashtray-smelling hands – the smell doesn’t always come off so easily in one washing. A child who sits in a car or lives in a home with a smoker who smokes inside will smell like stale bar air at school, and is often thought of differently because of this. Young lungs can and will develop breathing issues that can follow them into adulthood, affecting their quality of life. All so a parent can nurse a stupid addiction. Budgets are stretched further and further over time, money spent on foul death rather than on new shoes, a special dinner out, or even paying off a bill sooner rather than later. Why? So an adult can feed their legal addiction. A loving and dutiful spouse will kiss that mouth that tastes like the bottom of an ashtray, and caress the face that bears the signs of death chemicals working their way through the system of the addicted. The loved ones that watch teeth and nails turn a sickly yellow-gray will want to say something, even plead with them to try to kick this awful habit, only to have their own imperfections and humanness thrown back in their face or be scoffed at for caring for the life of someone they love. Innocent, stinky little habit? Much more than that. Too much more.

No business should be required by law to put pictures that oppose their product on their own packaging. Include ingredients on packaging? Absolutely! But not photos and statement that detract from what they are trying to make a living selling to the public.

McDonald’s doesn’t create obesity. An individual’s choice to eat that trash more than they eat good, clean food, and a lack of meaningful physical movement creates obesity. Not every cosmetic company tests their products on animals, and we as consumers can choose better companies for our cosmetics, or make our own. Alcohol is not a problem for a great number of people, and not everyone drinks to get drunk. Wine can also be used for cooking, and there are limited health benefits with certain uses. Every politician is also a human being. We are all liars, terrible sinners, selfish jerks, if not on the outside then at the very least in the darkest parts of our minds. To plaster the faces of our voted-in legislators on our paperwork is absurd on more than one level, and would likely result in decades of slander cases being seen in court. Not every politician is a scheming shyster. BUT! But, every cigarette draws you closer to your demise, and you aren’t the only one who is affected. Every single awful cigarette rips through the inside of your body and screws with your mind, creating a dependency that is very hard to shake.

Let’s not attempt to legitimize this filth by calling out every other possible poor choice a person could make. Two wrongs, or 4 wrongs, or 117 wrongs, don’t make any of them right. Your right to smoke yourself into oblivion is your right alone, and no one else should have to pay for your poor choice.


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