My Lilla Rose Business, “Arctic Beauty ~ Lilla Rose”


23rd:  Time to share those Lilla Rose additions I mentioned back on the 8th!

  • My favorite addition is the improved Lilla Rose Hair Band, which gives you options galore!  From choosing a band to match your hair color, to choosing a longer band length, or choosing to wear it as a necklace, you are getting more for your money with the new version of this popular item.  Another nifty way to customize the hair bands is to add up to three beaded strands with almost no effort.  Let your creativity flow, and pick up an assortment of fun bands for practical and fun use throughout the summer!



  • Next is a new Flexi addition, and not a Flexi-of-the-Month either.  This Flexi is here to stay for the foreseeable future!  It is aptly named “Elegant Flower”, and already has matching bobbies in the collection!  This may be a new favorite of mine as I have a fondness for mixed metals.


  • Last, but not least, our Flexi-of-the-Month for May was given an early release!  It truly is graceful and lovely, and would be just as fine a finishing touch to those summer wedding ensembles as it would a messy up-do on your summer travel adventures.




8th:  Here it is springtime again, and I have a cheerful Flexi for you all called “Tulip Field”.  Look closely, and you’ll see a circle of simple tulips, surrounding by glittering silver, purple, and pink.  Get yours while there are available!


On another note, some exciting additions are coming which will add comfort, versatility, and personalization to one of our favorite Lilla Rose items!  Keep an eye out in the next couple weeks!


1st:  It has been a few months since I shared a Flexi-of-the-Month with you, so here is what is coming for March!  As always you can pick yours up at my shop.  Don’t forget, they are limited edition, which means limited supply!

"Opal Maltese"

“Opal Maltese”


16th:  Take advantage of this sweet sale, full of autumn colors.  Get ahead of the Christmas rush as well!  10003636_10152796319158184_7775524272444000863_o

4th:  The image featuring our Flexi-of-the-Month for October was created by another (more talented!) consultant, to showcase the inviting design and beauty that only Fall can bring.  As always, Flexi-of-the-Month designs are limited to their own month, and there are limited supplies.  There are occasions when retired designs are brought into regular stock, but that isn’t something to rely on!  Check out Pinterest for inspiration, many styles and designs, and more!

“Autumn’s Delight”


1st:  “Calla Lily, meaning beauty, is timely with its elegant bloom and pearl um. Lovely silver plate and glass accents create a memorable set of Hair Sticks to complement the Flexi of the Month.”  You can find this elegant design in seven sizes and two colors of hair sticks, as seen below.  Don’t forget, this style is only available for the month of June, and only until supplies are exhausted!





31st:  This headband has been restocked a number of times, and is in it’s final numbers now.  There are a few Flexis available as well, but only in a size or two, and when these are gone, they may be gone for good.  Remember, the “mom” charm is removable!




23rd: You can now find styling inspiration, catalog photography, and more by clicking this Pinterest link!   10th: “March”ing into Springtime, Lilla Rose is all a-twitter about this Flexi-of-the-month with matching bobbies!



5th: “Colors on Parade Peacock” is magnificent with shades of emerald, sapphire, and purple. Its tail comes alive with dangling feathers to compliment each bead that is highlighted with a touch of aurora borealis for a brilliant affect! The black nickel plating adds a richness to complete this radiant FOTM. Look for the matching Hair Band for a fun up-do! January 2014 Flexi-of-the-Month!


16th:  Perfect for a snowy wedding or putting the final touch on your winter wardrobe!

8th:  New items have arrived, and free shipping is happening for a short time!  Get some early shopping done and avoid the rush. wp_ss_20131107_0001 5th:  Something new and nifty is coming to this page, but you have to wait until the 7th!  Stay tuned 😉

4th:  November has arrived, along with cooler temperatures, a couple holidays, and another limited edition Flexi!  Remember these Flexi-of-the-Month specials go fast, so don’t wait too long – grab yours before they are gone for good!  If you aren’t certain which size is best suited for you, feel free to comment, shoot me an email, or check out the instructional video on my website.  

FOTM November 2013 sizes displayedFOTM November 2013


There’s this line of jewelry I like so very much, and it is truly unique.  I know, I know, everyone says that when they find something new, but check this out – this jewelry is for your hair.  No kidding, these are often called “haircessories”.  You won’t find the cheapy stuff here.  You won’t find anything plastic and fragile, either.  What you will find are exquisite, durable, practical, comfortable, affordable jewelry to suit every hair type and a myriad of personal styles.  You owe it to yourself to at least take a peek.  😉  


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